Very recently, I saw a movie on Disney Hotstar called, “Kaun Pravin Tambe” and it was by far one of the most inspirational movies I have ever seen. It was also one of the most well-made sports movies out of so many others that I have watched so far. 

The message we get from the movie and also my own interpretation of said message has really touched my heart. And that is what compelled me to write something about it.

Many of you might have already seen the movie, but for those who have not, it’s about a cricketer who is very passionate about his dream of playing in the big games like the Ranji and IPL. He is passionate, he is focused, but the only catch is that he is 40 years old. 

He was around 41 when he got his first break, I mean this is the age where most of us are retiring or planning to retire. But Pravin Tambe started his career at this age and goes on to become an IPL player. The way his journey is portrayed and the way Shreyas Talpade has brought to life the character of Pravin Tambe is absolutely inspiring. 

This entire movie struck a chord in me. This also made me think of the many things that we can learn from the movie. 

The movie starts out talking about passion; passion for cricket.

And that probably has led to many of us thinking that Passion is the secret to Pravin Tambe’s phenomenal success. 

However, I have my own take on it.


The three gods of success

According to me, there are three gods of success. Passion, Focus, and Perseverance. And if we look at the people whom we admire, including Pravin Tambe, whom we think about as successful or whom this society thinks of as successful, we can find them worshipping these three gods. Be it any field, any profession, successful people always are passionate, perseverant and focused.



Pravin Tambe was passionate about cricket and it was his life, his first love. Everything in his life revolved around cricket. Most of us very rarely find that passion in our lives. For most of us life passes by and we really don’t figure out what our passion is.

Very few of us are lucky enough to be able to able find our passion, and even fewer of us get to pursue it. 

But because of the internet and almost all information now being readily available to us, it has become comparatively easier these days to find one’s passion. 

People today have easier access to things that probably a decade ago were a bit harder to find. 

There are counsellors to help you and guide you. There are teachers who care about more than just good scores. Even parents today have become quite smarter.

Not everyone these days wants their kids to become engineers and doctors. 

Many parents today, especially those who have done good for themselves, do not oppose the idea of their sons or daughters pursuing a non-traditional career.

That’s absolutely fine with them.

Today parents are okay if their kids want to become influencers, bloggers, fashion designers, radio jockeys, and all the other professions that could give most parents in the 80s a mild cardiac arrest. 

Today, in 2022, if you’re doing well in whatever field you belong to, if said field pays you well, you are all sorted out, it is all good. 

20 years back when the internet was not prevalent, and we didn’t have so many role models around us, finding a passion or understanding what passion is was very difficult. 

However, these days if you are curious, willing to research, and willing to put in the work, you can easily figure out what your passion is.

So, according to society’s definition of success, which mostly talks about passion, becoming successful should be quite easy. If you have found your passion, you have found success. 

But that is not it. There is so much more that comes after you have found what you are passionate about.

After passion, there are the other two gods that you need to pray to; Perseverance and Focus. Now, let’s talk about them.



Recently, I happened to see Warren Buffet’s documentary about his life’s journey on Disney Hotstar. In that documentary, he was asked, “If you had to talk about the one thing which is responsible for your phenomenal success and growth, what would it be?” 

His reply was a single word called; Focus. 

Why is focusing on something and sticking to it through every thick and thin difficult? 

Not everyone is blessed with a great, supportive environment when they start following their passion. Not everyone’s parents are as supportive as Sachin Tendulkar’s parents or Rahul Dravid’s parents when they started their cricketing journey. Not everyone has that particular environment that is really supportive of their journey.

So if you don’t have an environment, which promotes focus, you will have to build that environment. 

You will have to figure out ways to get around things that will keep you focused. 

And that’s the part that requires the most effort. That requires unconventional thinking. That requires a lot of dedication. 

Also, in the case of Pravin Tambe, it was so easy for him to get distracted considering that his brother was an engineer and was doing financially well. In fact, he was also funding him. It could have been so easy for him to lose focus and instead pursue something else. It might have even done him well. He could have pushed himself through a different field and turned out to be successful according to the society.

But, he didn’t budge. He never lost sight of what he wanted, he continued towards his goals to the extent that no one was ready to believe that he could ever achieve what he wanted. 

And this is where the story becomes relatable to so many of us. This is what happens with most of us. And if you flipped through the pages of any successful person’s success story, you will for sure find that the same has happened to them as well. 

I happen to read a lot of autobiographies of a lot of successful people. One such autobiography that I had read was about Elon Musk. 

All of us know that both Tesla and SpaceX are huge successes. But both of these companies had near-death experiences, yet, Elon Musk never lost focus of what he wanted to achieve. He stayed on course. 

That is what all of us must do. Stay on course. Eventually, things just materialize when they have to. 

That is why I genuinely believe that success has three gods.

Most of us believe in some kind of god. We worship them. That is how we should also worship these gods of success. That worshipping is the difference between successful people and the others who do not make the cut. 

We need to worship focus. Just as we do not change our faith because of others or external factors, we must also not change our focus. This is something that I could learn from Pravin Tambe’s story. Hats off to him and his rock-solid focus throughout the movie.



The third God, I want to talk about is perseverance.

And I feel that this is it. This is one thing that carries the most weight.

Out of all the three, this God has far more power. Perseverance is stronger than focus and passion. 

Perseverance is the test of time. It indicates how strongly you continue doing what you’re doing, even when you don’t see the rewards, even when you see others getting rewards and doing phenomenally well in their respective fields, even when things seem to be perfect for them. 

How strongly do you stand when things just do not go your way, when you feel like you have put in your everything and yet you are not being rewarded enough for it. Your perseverance is the indication of how strong you are when the situation is not right, or the timing is not right, or when things are not clicking for you. 

This determination to keep going needs phenomenal mental strength. This requires the most effort because it goes completely against our biology. It goes against the way we are structured because as humans we are hardwired to pursue the path of least resistance. 

We want to pursue something which comes to us easily. But to continue with what we are doing with complete dedication, focus and passion knowing full well that the going is tough needs a LOT of strength. 

Perhaps, that is why we worship people or we admire people who actually did that in order to reach their goals. We do not just respect the person, we respect their passion, focus, and perseverance. 

This is why I admire Pravin Tambe’s character and find his story so inspirational. 

These days, the media is full of stories of people, who at a young age have earned a lot, have become billionaires, have invested in something, and then boom…overnight success. 

However, if you average out among these successes, most of the people are the ones who were willing to stand the test of time. They were willing to wait, they were patient, and were willing to worship all the three gods; Passion, Focus, and Perseverance.

And that is what Pravin Tambe did. He persevered. 

I think this is the reason why even Rahul Dravid admires him so much. Because Pravin Tambe stood against all odds. Everything was going against him, any sane person in his situation would have given up. But he did not. 

He was able to achieve his goals because of his perseverance to follow his passion, and perseverance to stay focused. 

This is the story of almost every successful person on this planet. 

When we see someone successful, we normally only get to know about their successes, their glory days. We believe that everything just automatically works out for them. But, we fail to see their worship of these 3 gods. We do not realize their strength in deciding to go on when nothing was working out, or when things were not so clear for them. 

I genuinely believe that if we instil these values of perseverance, focus, and passion in anything we do, if we teach our kids these values, I think all of us would become phenomenally capable of achieving the things that we set out for. 

It could be with respect to anything. It could be your relationships, your health, your career, literally anything, if you want to succeed in them, you would need to worship these three gods. 

They actually give you what you want. They actually create magic. And that’s what gods do, right? We believe that they can create magic, they can create miracles. Whatever we want, we can get from them. 

This is what Pravin Tambe’s story taught me. It taught me about the three gods of success. 

I would like to take a moment to thank the director of the movie. I would also like to appreciate Shreyas Talpade’s performance. All of them have done a phenomenal job in creating such a great and inspiring story. 

There are seldom stories about the common man. This was one of the very few and it was a commendable one.

Thank you for creating this gem of a movie, and thank you to all my readers for reading this article today.


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