Prabodh Deolekar

Hello , I am Prabodh Deolekar, I consider myself as a life long learner and problem solver so as a part of my life long learning & problem solving journey I am on mission to make B2B sales easy ,fun and extremely rewarding for one million B2B sales professionals. I have over 15 plus years of experience in sales and business development working with organizations such as IBM, Netapp, Veritas, Orange Business Services and running my own startup in sales training and consulting . Throughout my career , I have specialized in sales enablement ,enterprise account management, territory management & channel sales.


  • Learning is a lifelong journey
  • Living with integrity is the best way of living
  • Always strive for excellence
  • Listening and communication can solve all the problems
  • Customer is always right


Our mission is to impact lives of 1 Million sales and sales leadership professionals
by training , coaching , consulting them on B2B sales topics.


To provide the gold standard of sales enablement solutions and be the leading sales enablement community platform in the world.

Prabodh Deolekar – My Story

My decision to get into B2B Sales was purely accidental.I pursued computer engineering due to peer pressure.However, in due course of my Engineering, I realised Engineering is something I am not interested in and also not good.
I had to think of some better alternative career.

During my 12th standard vacation, I had my first stint in sales.I took up an internship selling personalised kids storybooks door to door.During my engineering days, I worked for 6 months in an outbound call centre selling home loans to US residents.All these experiences gave me a glimpse of sales.

I was always good at public speaking, dramatics from childhood days so sales seemed to be a good logical career option.All these things helped me to make a decision to take up a career in B2B sales.

After completing my computer engineering I got lucky and landed a sales job in an IT security company selling IT security software to large corporations.

This is how my B2B sales career journey started.

As my skills and experience grew I also got good breaks in my sales career and had the privilege to work in large IT companies.I did pretty well in all the organisations I worked for and achieved sales quota consistently for every organisation I worked.Until I worked for one organisation where I had a tough time meeting my sales quota.Also, I had a manager who made my life hell. He berated and insulted me for my performance rather than coaching and assisting.

Being a sincere salesperson I did my best whatever I can to meet my sales quota but nothing seemed to be working.At that moment I doubted my skills and knowledge as a sales professional and decided to actively pursue sales education.I attended sales courses, bought sales Ebooks and started learning about B2B sales as much as i can.

In the course of my learning, I realized success in sales depends on two major factors: salesperson skills and the market in which he sells.

One of the reasons I was doing well in my previous organisations was because it was the match of both of them.But to sell in a difficult market I need to learn different skills which I was not equipped with and my learning equipped me with those skills.I fell in love with the process of learning sales so much I decided to teach and train others on these sales skills.

Being a lifelong sales learner has made me understand techniques and skills to be successful in sales.It has made me objective about the outcome of my work and not beat myself up if the outcome doesn’t always go as expected.All in all it has made me a well-rounded person and sales professional who can sell exceptionally well and has complete control on his craft.Through this venture I am on a mission to make B2B sales easy, fun and extremely rewarding for one million B2B sales professionals.

I invite you to take this journey with me.